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  • +31 (23) 302 0210
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Our Services

Foekens Papers has been in business for the past 8 year. We are a trusted and reliable company in the following services:

  • Paper Delivery
  • Paper Supplies
  • Full Inspection Services

Paper Delivery

As a company specialized in Paper deilvery, we have a network across 50 diffferent countries that makes it easier for us to ship across borders. We do not only deliver our papers, we can deliver paper you bought from a different supplier. Our huge depth of stock means we can deliver promptly which is key in today’s demanding environment.

Paper Supplies

Our stock of papers in store is huge. We can supply any amount of paper you want. We offer very competitive prices for all papers. Rather than offering unsustainable prices on a limited number of items, we aim to provide genuinely competitive rates across the board, month in month out, year after year.

Full Inspection Services

The need for quality, safety, and reliability are paramount as companies strive to meet the growing global demands for secure and sustainable sources of energy. With our experience and ISO certificates we offer full inspection services and conulting to ensure that your facilities are built to industry standards.